Cat Accommodations

At Pakenham Country Kennels we offer your cat their own individual cat condo. Our condos are carpet free, with two levels. The cat space is separate from our dog areas, climate controlled, with calming music.

Cats are given multiple play times daily, where they can explore our office space, look out the windows, jump and play. During their play times they can have as many treats and snuggles as they desire.

Boarding Fees for Cats

1-10 days 1 Cat $30 2 Cats $50 2 cats in the same enclosure $35
11+ days 1 Cat $25 2 Cats $40 2 cats in the same enclosure $30

* Rates are per day.
* A Deposit of 50% is required to secure your reservation.
* Deposit is only refundable if you reservation is cancelled minimum 4 days before your scheduled stay.
* Cancellations must be made via email or text only.

We ask that you bring your cat a bed, blanket or something to remind them of home. However no items of great value as there is always a chance they will not return in the same condition they arrived. Please bring your cats food in a sealed and clearly labeled container with your pet’s name. Medications required for your pet clearly labeled with your pets name and dosing instructions.