Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to bring for my dogs visit?
A: It is always much nicer for your pet to have something that reminds them of home either a bed, blanket or article of your clothing. Please bring their food with feeding instructions in a sealed container. Medications with instructions if needed. If you have a kong or other toy that your dog can have unsupervised. A full body harness if you would like your dog walked (some exceptions apply).

Q: Do you accept dogs that have not been neutered?
A: Yes we do.

Q: What vaccinations are required?
A: For dogs we ask for confirmation of bordetella, DHPP and rabies vaccines. For cats we ask for confirmation of FVRCP and rabies vaccines.

Q: What type of payment to you accept?
A: Cash or etransfer.

Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: Yes A Deposit of 50% is required to secure your reservation. Deposit is only refundable if you reservation is canceled minimum 4 days before your scheduled stay. Cancellations must be made via email or text only.

Q: What are your hours?
A: We are open Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm, Saturdays and Sundays 8am to 7pm.

Q: What days are you closed?
A: We are open 365 days a year. However we do not accept incoming or outgoing guests on Statutory Holidays.

Q: Can you accommodate raw diets?
A: Yes we have both a refrigerator and freezer on site to accommodate raw food.

Q: What happens if my pet should become ill during their stay?
A: You or your emergency contact will be contacted immediately. If we feel that the situation is urgent we will contact your vet, in the event your vet can not see your pet in a timely manner they will be brought to an emergency care vet. There may be additional charges depending on the situation.

Q: Can my dogs share a kennel?
A: Yes if your preference is to have them share a kennel we can accommodate this request.

Q: Can my dogs have separate kennels and share play time together?
A: Yes your dogs may have their own kennel space and be brought together for play time.

Q: My dog does not get along well with other dogs, will this be a problem?
A: No our guests have their own indoor and outdoor runs. They are not required to interact with other guests.

Q: My dog is not great with kids will this be a problem?
A: If your dog is not great with children or poses a safety risk, they may not have the option of being walked. However they will have exercise time in one of our fenced areas.

Q: My dog is known to escape, how are your yards secured?
A: Our outdoor runs have 6 foot high chain link fences as well as our play yards. We do have one run that is fully covered and must be requested. If your dog can jump over this height they may not have access to our play yards. Safety of your pet is our number one concern.